Sheriff: Mark Oller

Ben Hollis, Chief Deputy 
Phillip Miller, Captain/Jail Administrator

Description of Services

The Menard County Sheriff's Department provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week professional law enforcement services for the 314-square miles of city and rural area. Each deputy is required to be a United States citizen with a past free of criminal activity. They are required to have passed all minimum requirements of training, established by the Illinois Police Training and Standards Board, for a full-time police officer. They must be in good physical condition and pass all screening required by the Sheriff. They must complete and pass all firearms, self-defense and physical-fitness training standards set by the Menard County Sheriff. Each deputy is authorized to perform all the duties, in name of the Sheriff, within the geographical boundaries of Menard County and perform all statutory obligations established for deputy sheriffs in the State of Illinois.

The Detention facility is maintained in the county seat of Petersburg to provide secure housing for those individuals sentenced to a term of incarceration or awaiting court hearings. Dispatch service is provided to Menard County deputies, as well as the city police agencies of Petersburg, Athens and Greenview, emergency medical/ambulance, fire and rescue agencies countywide. The Sheriff's Department also maintains a firing range utilized by all the county's police, as well as state and federal police officers.

Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification is maintained by the Illinois State Police; however, the Menard County Sheriff's Office does provide forms for use by citizens desiring to apply for FOID. These can be obtained at the Sheriff's Office at the Menard County Courthouse or by logging on to

Sales of property that have been seized due to delinquent taxes or mortgage foreclosure are held by the Menard County Sheriff. Property scheduled for sale is posted for the public and listed in the local newspaper. In most cases, the actual sale is held within the Courthouse.

Menard County is served by 911 capabilities and cooperates in the "Crimestoppers of Sangamon and Menard Counties," 1-800-397-2288 or 217-788-8427 or see

Detention Facility

The Menard County Detention Facility opened in 1984 and is maintained by the Sheriff's department and houses locally arrested and/or sentenced individuals as well as a number of persons held for prosecution by the United States Justice system. The facility is located along Illinois Route 97 in Petersburg at 315 South Sixth Street. The Detention Facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide secure housing for inmates, as well as the telecommunication dispatch service to all police, emergency medical/ambulance, fire and rescue agencies and personnel for all of Menard County.

Inmate phone calls and the telephone system is run by NCIC Inmate Communications. No phone or calling cards are accepted. If any inmate or family member has a problem with the telephone system they should request assistance from NCIC Inmate Communications.

The Menard County Detention Facility utilizes Advanced Correction Healthcare of Peoria, IL for inmate health care. Inmate commissary is provided by Stellar Services.

Visitation is scheduled twice a week. Inmates are allowed one (1) 20-minute visit each visitation day. Visitors sign-in starts one-half hour prior to the visitation start time. No one will be allowed in the lobby before the 30-minute sign-in time. Visiting hours for the Detention Facility are Sunday, 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Other rules include:

  • All visitors must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • There are no contact visits.
  • Attorneys may visit inmates at any time.
  • Clergy visit may also occur anytime, provided the visits do not disrupt ongoing jail operations.
  • All visitors must sign in to visit and present a photo identification.
  • All visitors are subject to a search.
  • No visitor is allowed to take electronic devices into visitation booths.
  • Cash and credit card payments for inmates, including for bonds, must be placed in the kiosk in the lobby. Money orders can be taken by correctional staff at the window. Online bonding and money for an inmate's commissary account can be done remotely at
  • Soft-back books will be taken for an inmate, if they are left for use in the jail library.
  • No clothing items or personal hygiene items will be accepted and can only be purchased through the commissary.
  • Prescription medication may be left with the jail staff.
  • Any specific needs concerning an inmate can be addressed to staff and will be answered by a supervisor. Contact information should be given to the staff on duty.

Process Service

Contact:       Menard County Sheriff's Office
                       102 S. Seventh St.
                       Petersburg, IL 62675
                       Telephone: 217-632-4458
                       Fax: 217-632-3604

Fees:            SUMMONS
                      Service and return: $25.00
                      Mileage: $1.00/mile from Petersburg

                      Service and return: $25.00
                      Mileage: $1.00/mile from Petersburg

                      Deputy Cost: $50.00/hour
                      Mileage: $1.00/mile from Petersburg

Court Security

The Menard County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the security and safety of the Menard County Courthouse. Court Security Officers are hired to do this important job.

Court Security Officers are stationed at the north entrance of the courthouse and use different screening methods to ensure that unauthorized weapons do not enter the courthouse. Please note that cell phones are not allowed in the courtroom and individuals will be asked to return them to their vehicle.

Court Security Officers also serve as bailiffs in the courtroom to maintain order and security while court is in session. Bailiffs call court to session, remain in the court room for security purposes and are responsible for taking individuals sentenced during court appearances into custody and delivering them to the jail.

Court security officers also are utilized for security during Board of Commissioners meeting and some special meetings where the public is present.

Community Involvement

The Menard County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the launch of our new public web portal.  The portal can be found at  The portal gives the public the ability to do the following: submit a tip; request an extra patrol or vacation watch; view a current roster of inmates at the Menard County Jail; view currently registered sex offenders in Menard County; and provide citizen feedback.

We will continue to improve and add to the portal in the future.  Planned additions are a list of upcoming sheriff’s sales and various statistical reports.  

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